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Should you have the need to sell property in London or any part of the united kingdom then Magben is what you need. We seek to ensure your needs are well taken care of from our experience in the industry. We have a good understanding of the local area and know just what you need!

Through knowledge of the distinctiveness of both you and your property, we offer service meant for you only. We aim at leaving a mark of our good service to have you advocate us to your loved ones without wavering.

Our knowledge that properties differ as do the needs of sellers gives us an upper hand in aiding each seller to realize the need to invest in the budding property market.

In this regard, we give suitable advice so as to satisfy your expectations. Through our marketing service, we endeavour to fit in with personal needs of each seller. To allow targeted marketing to the right clientele and be able to arrange for viewings to suit your schedule, we set in place details of the property.

We mainly market on top property marketing mediums including zoopla, rightmove among others, so as to give your property a view of more buyers.

We offer an extensive range of services to help you along the way:

  • Property finance solutions
  • Insurance advice
  • Professional valuation
  • Interior solutions
  • Conveyancing

Steps of making a sale

Valuation of property is done by team which also gives you tips of how to market it. During this meeting our terms are well laid out to a seller.

On agreement we need to get it as appealing as possible. Soon after is time to begin marketing the property, something we get into after getting details of it as well as taking pictures for use in marketing. From there it is up to us to reach out to probable buyers to create interest in the property.

We then organize for viewing by guiding prospective clients before we start to receive offers for it. Negotiations take place until we reach an agreement of a price and soon after the legal work begins.

After a sale is closed and ownership of property has been transferred, the keys are given to us so that we can give them to the buyer.

All set for that important discussion about selling a property with Magben?

Our environment is one for customers to relax and take coffee while chatting about property. Anything you like to know about buying and selling property is open for discussion with our friendly staff. You can also fill out the form to register.


We place value on our homes thus rightly expect to get a good price for it. For instance, we make it presentable so as to be appealing to prospective clients.

A buyer needs to connect with the home so as to get a view of its suitability for their family and life. This requires that the atmosphere be right in order to win them over.

  • The first sight has a lasting effect on the mind thus the need to ensure what the buyer sees is appealing. A touch of paint on the front door, to modernizing exterior lighting and beautifying it works well for a better price.
  • Next is getting them to feel welcome from a warm interior. Ensure the house is well lit to appeal to them by having brighter lights for that sunny look. Dull lights can mess up things when trying to give a good impression.
  • General condition of the property should be conducive to live in. This includes plumbing, waste disposal as well as central heating among others. All repairs are done by the landlord unless damage is traced to a tenant.
  • The house can either be furnished or not and we offer advice to Landlords about the way to do it going by the local market demand. However basic furnishing is required for the property.
  • A garden has a part to play as well and should be well manicured to add on to the appeal of a property. It requires some work to make it look welcoming by having potted plants, outdoor lighting as well as patio furniture is required of the tenant.
  • Give potential buyers a view of living in your house in a clean environment. The tenant will be required to leave it in the same condition at the end of tenancy.

We also offer the necessary information to tenants to be able to live in the house and furnish them with a set of keys for the property.

Free Property Valuations for Sellers

Before selling your property it is important that you get it valued by an estate agent first and foremost. Our experienced senior sales consultants will meet with you to give in-depth advice for free, of how best you can get a good price and then make a follow up on it.


Property Sales fee starting from 1% of the sale value.

Mortgage Fees

Brokerage Fee – £599

Commercial Mortgage – 1%


We are Not VAT registered.


Magben is committed to outstanding Real estate service

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